Head Dental craft new full and partial dentures, custom made sport
mouthguards and carry out denture repair and maintenance direct to our
loyal clients.

We take pride in creating dentures and mouthguards of premium quality, with a fast turnaround. Crafting these items in our
premises, in Toowoomba by experienced dental technicians and prosthetist, means we have greater control of operational
standards. Our state-of-the-art denture clinic means clients can visit us at our premises and we can ensure we create appealing
and effective dentures and mouthguards for every customer.

Denture repair and maintenance can also take place on-site within our clinic, with our specialised dental technicians skilled in
relining, incorporating additional teeth and repairing existing damaged dentures.

Mouthguards are crucial for the protection of your teeth and mouth when playing sport. At Head Dental, we have a comprehensive
and effective process to ensure you have the best mouthguard to suit, made of premium materials for top protection and comfort in
an extensive range of colours and individual designs.

No referral is necessary, so contact Head Dental to book your denture or mouthguard appointment today. Phone – 07 4632 4337.